Bring Your Pearls 

Reviving our "Bring Your Pearls" Initiative!

In our ongoing commitment to conscious and sustainable living, Romantico Romantico, celebrated for its iconic pearl designs, is eager to breathe new life into items you already own, effectively minimizing potential waste.

We extend a warm invitation for you to bring your pearls to the Romantico Romantico Showroom at 2, rue de l'eau. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to craft a stunning upcycled piece for your collection, incorporating your cherished pearls alongside our carefully selected chains, pearls, and closures. Join us in transforming your pre-loved pearls into a gorgeously refreshed addition to your jewelry collection.

Prices are as follows:

- Necklace 110€

- Bracelet 55€

- Earrings 75€

Prices may vary if you choose additional materials to accompany your pearls, such as chains or beads.

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