Care guide

All ROMANTICO ROMANTICO designs are made from a base of brass or 925 silver and are 18k gold-plated or palladium plated.

In order to keep your jewelry shiny, please follow our 3-rule-care-guide.

1) Don't wear your jewelry in the shower, the pool, sea or sauna

2) Keep your jewelry away from perfume & cosmetics

3) Store your jewelry safely in it's pouch or box (outside of the bathroom/humid space)



At ROMANTICO ROMANTICO, we are all about longvivity. Our jewelry services now include the repairing, rebath and remodel of your Romantico Romantico but also other brands. 


Gold plating may diminish over time, but there's no reason to part with your cherished pieces. Rediscover their radiance with Romantico Romantico, where we make the process of replating and restoring effortless. Ensure the longevity of your beloved jewelry as our expert plating services for brass and sterling silver pieces. Whether your jewelry has lost its luster over the years or has never been gold plated before, we can rejuvenate it with a new layer of gold, allowing you to continue wearing it for years to come. 

Fixed Price:

75€ per pair or piece for necklaces, bracelts and rings


Despite diligent care, accidents can occur, leading to damage to your precious jewelry. Whether it's a snapped chain or a broken earring post, fear not. We ensure that your cherished pieces are restored to their former glory. Trust us to skillfully mend your jewelry so you can once again delight in wearing it.


Reviving our "Bring Your Pearls" Initiative!

In our ongoing commitment to conscious and sustainable living, Romantico Romantico, celebrated for its iconic pearl designs, is eager to breathe new life into items you already own, effectively minimizing potential waste.

We extend a warm invitation for you to bring your pearls to the Romantico Romantico Showroom at 2, rue de l'eau. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to craft a stunning upcycled piece for your collection, incorporating your cherished pearls alongside our carefully selected chains, pearls, and closures. Join us in transforming your pre-loved pearls into a gorgeously refreshed addition to your jewelry collection.

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